About Me

My Name is Karmon.

First of all, I don’t like writing about myself. I feel like everything I say reads like a failed attempt at being clever (kind of like in that last sentence). I don’t know if I’m actually clever. I think my friends think I’m neat.

I’m “into” lots of creative things, and graphic design happens to be how I make my living—I guess it’s my favorite.

I prefer working on a plethora of different types of projects—which is why it’s easier for me to classify myself as a multidisciplinary designer. I have experience working on print projects, branding, user interface and user experience design—ranging from marketing websites, to iOS app design. I’ve also recently gotten into event and staging design.

I love balancing new ideas with user-friendly convention. I love how utilizing typography, hierarchy, and spacing can transform large bits of chaotic information into one digestible design.

The freedom to pursue knowledge is invaluable to me, and I love adding to my skillset. While I do have a few pet peeves, (like using a slab serif for bodycopy), I’m not a designer who feels validated through the hatred of certain typefaces—anyone can hate a typeface. I think most all fonts have their place in the world—even the ugly ones. I am really non-competitive with everyone but myself—unless I’m challenged—then, I guess the gloves are off.

If you read my intro, you probably noticed that I like the outdoors. My boyfriend and I try to go backpacking as much as possible—in the mild months—however we recently camped the Icelandic ring road, during October (their winter). It was amazing, cold, and so vast, it was impossible to experience everything—like the Disney Land of nature. I had the most amazing latte while there, and have been trying to find that same experience, locally.

I love a good coffeeshop. That’s not special nor is it profound, but it’s the truth. I love the idea that those spaces exist to provide an experience or a “moment”. Valuing the experience of one of these moments is something I think I inherited from my mother. I believe a candle and a cup of coffee can make almost any situation special. For me, ‘setting’ and atmosphere make an experience memorable, which, may be the connection to my interest in experience design.

I’m naturally pretty introverted, so the way I interact with the world is through what I create. I once made a pillowcase into a shirt (questioning what I’m trying to tell the world), and I inhabit a space where three cats live. They’re pretty rude, if you ask me—but at least they’re always entertaining. The rudest ones are always the most entertaining.