I Hate My Spreadsheet

I helped Fieldbook with a quick marketing campaign aimed at helping people “ditch” their spreadsheets. The goal was to show people who depend on unwieldy and at times, maddening spreadsheets, that there’s another way to manage data—and that it can even be fun. We wanted to really empathize with users on this issue, so we created a game out of the idea of banishing spreadsheet files to a black hole, and carried that visual style throughout the visual design.

Year: 2017 Completed At: Phuse.ca
Marketing, UI Writing, Illustration, Web & Mobile UX, UI

Landing Page

Final I Hate My Spreadsheet landing page

Wireframes & Final Designs

I Hate My Spreadsheet wireframes and final designs


I Hate My Spreadsheet character illustrations
I Hate My Spreadsheet icon illustrations